Fly Carbon Neutral

For 25 years we have grown with the communities we serve and have come to realize that every decision we make has an impact not just today but in years to come.

Our core values have always been customer service, safety, mutual respect and trust.

Respect for our environment has become more important than ever to all of us and we trust you will join us as we strive to develop new and sustainable business practices while continuing to offer you the safe, fast and reliable service you expect.

As we develop these practices and initiatives we welcome your input and through this webpage we will keep you updated on programs as they develop.  


What Helijet Is Doing:



1. Pacific Carbon Trust


We recognize you have choices when selecting air services and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have become an important component in our passengers’ 

decisions. We have been working to evaluate and establish a credible business partnerships towards offsetting our own GHG emissions.

Initially, we are looking at our helicopters operating on scheduled services between Vancouver and Victoria,  in an effort to offer you a “carbon neutral” air service option.

To reach this goal we are pleased to be have become the first private sector corporation to partner with the Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT).*

We feel it is important to make certain that our dollars are going towards “Made in BC” projects, which are the only kind that the PCT will source and invest into.

As of March 24, 2009, we began offsetting our scheduled service GHG emissions, through a planned $1.37^ cash contribution (per person, per one way flight) to the PCT.


*Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT) is a Crown corporation established in 2008 to deliver BC-based greenhouse gas offsets to help private and public sector clients meet their carbon reduction goals and to support the growth of BC’s low-carbon economy.

For further information on Pacific Carbon Trust visit their website.


^This amount is intended to equal the $25 per metric tonne that the Pacific Carbon Trust has established for international emission value offsets


2. Total Carbon Offsets:


As a partner in the Pacific Carbon Trust, we are pleased to have purchased offsets for a carbon total of:

7002 Tonnes

(approx $1.55 per passenger)

up to December 31 2011


3. Equipment Upgrades


Smokeless Engine Liners

In an effort to increase the efficiency and reduce the amount of visible particulant matter emitted from our engine exhausts, we are installing smokeless liners# on every Rolls Royce C-30 engine.

In total we are installing, 10 smokeless liners for our Sikorsky S-76 fleet plus 1 unit for the Bell LongRanger 206L3.   Each unit costs approximately $8000 per engine.  

#A brief description from the manufacturer.

The C30/C47 "smokeless liner" was designed for specific uses like that of a S76 helicopter. It was developed for consistent performance, overall efficiency & most importantly, dependability without contributing to further polluting to our fragile environment. The laser drilled holes on the liner offer a more consistent flame pattern with less nozzle distress resulting in a more efficient burn of fuel. In addition to this, it was also designed to reduce the smoke emitting from the engines. Thus developing the name "smokeless liner".


4. Single Source Suppliers


Whenever possible Helijet aims to work with like-minded Carbon Neutral Companies.

One way to meet this goal has been to partner with Costless Express for our coffee counter and office supplies.  Everything from Apples and Ballpoints to Trail Mix and Wastebins.  CEO Calvin Johnson and his terrific team help us make sure we are getting the best value for our dollar and the evironment. When possible we also make sure that the products we are buying are local or follow a similar environmental policy, like Ethical Bean Coffee and Ecotainer cups and bowls.

Single source suppliers help by reducing the number of warehouses being shipped to and then the number delivery trucks on the road bringing items to the office.  Even better in this case,  Costless Express is also a Carbon Neutral company!